Welcome to Otter Creek Animal Sanctuary and Shelter, located just outside of Smiths Falls Ontario. The private sanctuary is operated by “Lanark” the hermit and is home for a large variety of abandoned farm and domestic animals of every sort.

The farmstead relies on public support from various fundraising activities. Currently, we are offering a hilarious audio book read by Lanark himself. The title may be familiar to some of our supporters–FREE FARM: MEDITATIONS ON A CANADIAN LAND GRAB. Some of you may even be profiled in this kiss and tell book!

This is a new and exciting campaign for us with the launch of an AUDIO BOOK. It is based on our experience of taking out a Kijiji ad some years ago and the unfolding trauma of what ensued. It shows how a rather unbalanced hermit struggled through a  once in a lifetime whirlwind experience of waking up one morning to find his life completely turned upside down by social media. It promises to take away your winter blues using humour as a tool. It is written as a fireside chat. You are sipping a coffee and exploring the mind of an eccentric hermit who bares his soul though his musings. The tone and voice reading is casual as if you were truly beside him in front of a fireplace, surrounded by animals. 


The book is being offered for an introductory price of $9.95 and for this price you will receive an email download of chapters as they are finished and recorded as of the date of  your purchase. In other words you will be listening to  the audio book in real time as it is being written and read similar to a podcast only this is actually  a book. You will receive the first instalment of a 25 minute reading followed by further files.  The final completed edited version will hopefully be available by Spring. But through your advance purchase  you will also receive that one file book for your $9.95.

For readers who have elected not to purchase this book now, in advance, the  final completed work will be available on the  marketplace for  $19.95. There are no  plans to produce this as a printed book. Save the trees!


We are making this offering as an adjunct to our precarious cash flow which is a life saver for hundreds of  animals in this sanctuary.


To better appreciate the subject matter, please read the second posted review below. 

To hear this incredible audio book story you will need to send us your email address and an etransfer


(If you live outside of Canada in which case you cannot use etransfer, send  $9.95 U.S. dollars using PAYPAL. Our paypal payment address is the same as our email address, namely: wonderfulpens@gmail.com).


CANADIAN listeners should etransfer $9.95 Canadian dollars to Lanark’s personal email address:


The security question should read: What is the most marginal creature on the planet?

The answer should be: ratsss


Please PAUSE for our furry PAWS. There are over 300 animals being cared for. Your support is most appreciated.



I am one of the first to read the first chapter and first audiobook edition by “Lanark the Hermit”.I have enjoyed both and recommend this is as something that will allow you to reflect and put a smile on your face. You will not be able to put it down or stop to hear it.Please sign up. Your contribution will make a difference and move your thoughts for a very short time to somewhere other than where you are now!

-Dan Andress, owner Independent grocery store, Smiths Falls

I am providing a book review of Free Farm: Meditations on a Canadian Land Grab before hearing the entire audio book but still want to share my two cents worth for this quite remarkable literary effort. This is a book about one of our own, right here in Smiths Falls at that. It is unclear who Lanark the hermit, the stated author is. But I seem to recall his advertisement on Kijiji years ago. It was quite a thing at the time and obviously a viral concern gone crazy with such an audience that I thought the author would have a tough time sorting through the onslaught. At first, the tone of this audio book seemed odd. There were noticeable pauses and background animal voices that one normally expects to be edited in the release. But as the story progressed I realized that this was a fireside chat with an eccentric storyteller. Furthermore he tells us that he is speaking at the ungodly hour of four a.m. As such the talk takes on a more realistic tone, one in which we feel we are beside the central character sharing a drink. The reason I am reviewing this is that the book addresses two very powerful universal concerns, the first being mental illness. In this regard the author freely discloses his own challenges and provides a deep understanding of how and why he became a recluse. His tone and story seem to me to get inside  the head of someone who has emotional imbalances. I have also read the classic by Malcolm Lowry, Under The Volcano which explores the inner mind of an alcoholic. This new audio release gives us a rare and truthful understanding of  how a person who struggles with his challenges actually feels. We are transposed into his world. The second issue deals with our new technological renaissance, the world of the internet, in particular, social media. We soon come to understand the tremendous force it has  on those who suffer an imbalance.  Both of these issues are well worth exploring and so far, having read the first half hour introduction I feel I have already got my money’s worth. Highly recommended.

–K.T, Smiths Falls